Performance Bikes magazine

From the March issue of the mag, Practical Sportsbikes and Performance Bikes will no longer just sit side-by-side on the newsstand: they will unite to create the biggest, best and most complete magazine for owners, builders and enthusiasts of performance motorcycles, of all eras.

It’s a logical progression for both magazines: Performance Bikes remains the authority on the cutting edge and continues to uphold the values of complete and considered testing it has since the first issue nearly 34 years ago, whilst also not taking ourselves too seriously: bikes are supposed to be fun, after all. In times where one rival publication couldn’t survive, and the only remaining challenger isn’t fit to use PB’s part-worns, it’s still doing what it set out to.

Meanwhile, Practical Sportsbikes has gone from strength to strength. Conceived and written by a cast of former-PB staff, no one else knows the modern classic world as well as PS: in fact, it has actively helped shape the community the mag has served for the past 100 issues.

But the world is changing for both mags, and we realised that the aims of the two sibling publications for 2019 heavily overlapped. It’s time to heed the calls of PS readers who want to read about bikes outside the old 70-90s remit too. PB, meanwhile craves the time to focus on the very best of the sportsbike world – not just brand-new bikes, but the finest technology, racing wisdom and insight, from the man in the shed to MotoGP and everything in between.

You’re only as old as you feel: enthusiasm, entertainment and knowledge know no age restriction: why should a magazine? So we’re bringing two magazines under one roof. We’ll restoration, modification, repairs, performance testing, tools/parts/services reviews, events, race bikes, technology and anything else you can think of in the most complete way yet.

We guarantee you won’t find a team who’ll put more heart and soul in to the job than the joined forces you see here: with interests and skills spanning from PS workshop sage Grumpy to PB’s TT-winning tester Michael Rutter.  We have a fleet of our own bought-and-paid for projects, daily riders and race bikes. We’ve got everything in place to do the job justice.

This is our team: this is Practical Sportsbikes, incorporating Performance Bikes. Welcome, and we hope you love it.